Friday, June 06, 2008

Machine knitted hat

So I am beginning to get a little better at this machine knitting thing. I made a hat, oh yes a simple hat (well the second hat), and it is with two colors. You might not think that a simple hat is such an accomplishment but considering that me and machines don't always see eye to eye, I think I did pretty good.

I even managed to do a seam that sort of is ok. I started at the bottom along the brim and seamed it upward toward the top of the hat. Look at the picture and you can see where I messed up at the beginning but I started to get better at the middle to the top. At least most of the color rows match up.

It's no big deal on this first hat making it look like this. It is a practice piece for me and me alone. I will set this aside with my other "wear it outside when it is cold hats" and have one more to depend on when the weather varies.

This hat is also a bit on the "too long" side. See the last rows of black that are the two rows only toward the top of the hat. That is where I will stop the next one. Another test, but the hubby likes short hats to fit under his other hats for work. He says he needs them snug so that he can wear his other hat that blocks the rain from his eyes. So I will attempt this for the next hat.

This one was a total play with it to see what happens. It is the first where I didn't use a waste cast on to do the brim. I did a machine cast on, EON, set the cast on comb, then pulled the other needles into place to finish the cast on. When I knitted twelve rows I put the bottom cast on strands from between stitches on the needles. As I said this is a total play with it to see what happens. What happens is that the stitches for the brim have a slight slant upward. Interesting but now I need to try one with out this. Nope not ready for that ribbing cuff yet.

So what I am slow learning. All my life it has been hurry to learn this, hurry to complete that, hurry, hurry, hurry. Well, now I just don't care to hurry. It will get done when it gets done and that is alright with me.

Added: I should have said the entire back seam was done with the orange yarn. It was the long strand I left to do this from the beginning cast on. I am quite happy with that orange disappearing right into the black. Next time I am going to use knitting markers to make sure that all my colors are matched a little better.


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