Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mason and Tanner

Mason and Tanner together. My daughter has entered this photo in a contest for the prettiest eyes. He does have pretty eyes and that photo somewhat does justice to them. Only somewhat though, if you ever see his eyes, you would soon learn he can fully make use of those beauties.

The photo contest contest is here:
Brotherly Love
This should lead you directly to Mason and Tanner, a photo my daughter, Athea, named "Brotherly Love"

Take a look at some of the other pictures. There are some very pretty eyes in this one. Oh and it you don't mind signing up or are already a member, please do consider casting a vote for the Brotherly Love picture.

"Edited to make the link clickable"
Sorry I have been having a bit of trouble with thinking lately. I found it stems from high blood sugar levels. Running over 200 is the thing that makes the brain fog up.


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