Sunday, June 15, 2008

Table again and Bench

Well, the hubby, Shaun, says one more coat.  So there was a coat of varnish this morning and another this evening.  This one really will be the last one.   

While I was at it I did do another coat on the bench for the innovations.  It is looking so much better.  I had thought to only do the top but I put another light coating on the legs.

Wow, you should see my hands after all the sanding and varnish, not to mention the cleaning of the brush for varnishing.  They were a mess.  All that stuff dries out and cause little broken dry catchy flakes in the skin on finger tips and along the sides of thumbs and index fingers.  

I was thinking to myself, now you really don't want to touch any yarn, your fingers will just pull it to pieces.  

Then this evening I was watching the hubby "sand" his fingers.  He spent the entire morning mowing, then raking out the back ditch area.  Years ago this was a creek bed, but they blocked it off on a neighbors property and all we had was a deep hole.  When the houses were being built behind us they convinced my hubby to let them, the construction people,  put some dirt as a fill in for that ditch.  I found out and went to check out what they were doing.  I made them stop they were trying to fill the entire thing all the way up to the level of the property behind us, not good.   Shaun didn't stop to think about our rainy winters and the water build up.  The water instead of standing in the yard runs to that ditch.  What a mess it would be with out it.

So I caught them in time to stop them before they filled the entire ditch, but most was already done.   I told the guy putting dirt in the ditch no more, he argued with me.  Said my husband told him it was ok and he was going to continue.  I told him again to stop and if he didn't I would be calling for "other help".  He stopped but was not happy about it.   

For the last few years we have one spot that is deep still and all the water builds up there.  It's like a small pond when it is full.  So today the hubby while watering the trees along the edge of what was left of the creek bed, let the water build up.  Then he raked and raked to open a channel for the water to flow from the low point across.  Lots of work that was, but at the same time all the trees along that area got a really good watering today.

So here he is this evening complaining about the burs on his fingers and sanding them with 320 sand paper.  The same grade that I used on the tables.  When he was done I took that same paper and did my fingers.  Oh what a difference.  Now I would handle even some of the finest yarns I have.  I would not mind at all as my finger tips and sides of thumbs and index fingers feel so smooth.  A little bit of Corn Huskers Lotion (no oils in this) and my hands feel great.  

If you have never tried this simple lotion you are missing out.  I like the Udderly Smooth, Corn Huskers, and Sew Easy lotions.  I am not a big fan of a lot of those other expensive lotions that clog your pores and stink so bad.   No I am not a fan of colognes and perfumes, most just stink, and for a shower soap most people cringe when I say Lava, nothing better to get you clean.  I also do not like a soap that lathers me with perfumes, or oils or other junk when I just want to be clean.  I have never understood the point of washing with dirty stuff or after a shower putting the dirt back on my skin.   It's like what is wrong with just clean?  Oh well to each their own, even my girls don't understand my thinking on this one.  ROFLOL

Sorry no new pictures.  By the time I was finished the sun was behind the house and the table an bench were in the deep shade of trees and house.  Not a good setting for taking pictures.


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