Sunday, June 15, 2008

Table continued

After several hours we checked the table.  Shaun says it needs another coat and I certainly agreed with that.  So I put another coat on it, let it sit another 15 minutes, then wiped the excess.

The table has now sat overnight and in looking at it this morning, I would say another coat is needed.  It just isn't what I want quite yet.  In a little bit I will head out to add that coat.  I don't want to do it just yet as the Shaun is going to mow the yard and that will send bits and pieces of dust, grass, and whatever flying around the yard.  That would certainly be great for a stain wet table top, Not.  ROFLOL

It is looking pretty good and soon I will be able to use it.  Sorry to say it won't be for the knitting machine.  This table is going to double as a work bench for when I have statements to work on. Then those statements I can take out in the shade and not be stuck in the house.  I hate being stuck in the house in the summer months.


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