Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Reverse Brimmed hat

It has been some time since a member posted about doing a reverse brim in a hat in the round. I never got around to trying this till today and I love it.

I wish I could remember who first posted about doing this type of brim but I cannot, and searches are finding nothing for me.

The brim is made by casting on ewraped, please do not do other cast on's as it makes it harder to do this brim.

Now knit for as many rows as you would your normal brim.

We are now at the point of doing a turned up brim for a cuffed brim, but with a little twist. We are going to reverse it.

So start at the first peg, take the stitch off the peg, I let it untwist from the e-wrap so it is easier to handle and place back on.

After untwisting the stitch continue to hold it on your pick, but pull it inward so that it is away from the peg, reach down to the bottom cast on row, there should be the end yarn at this point, pull it up between the stitch you holding and the peg to place it, the bottom loop on the peg.

Now place the stitch you removed back on the same peg. Move to the next peg and continue this process all around the loom.

When you have picked up all the stitches from the bottom row, and put back all the normal stitches, the un-twisted e-wrap, knit off the two bottom stitches.

From there continue with the rest of the hat making what ever size you have chosen.

What you will have is a cuffed brim with the purls on the brim and the top of the hat with the e-wrapped stitches. It is very cute.

I made this one today for my daughters business. She normally doesn't like a cuffed brim but she said she did this one.

So just to bring up a reminder of something past that is still a great idea.

Oh the first stitch I picked up seemed a little awkward but after that it was a breeze to do.

You do not have to use the ewrapped stitches for the hat if that is your choice, but can use the knit stitch. The body of the hat can be done however you want it to be done. That too is a personal choice, but do try one with the ewapped stitches. Like I said it is cute.

I started this hat while shopping with the daughter yesterday and managed to get most of it done while we were driving around. I finished it off last night.


Blogger TheTwistedPurl said...

Wow! Sounds really interesting. I may have to pick up one of my looms and have a try at this.

11:19 AM  
Blogger Amoonsinger said...

Well, it does give a very interesting effect to the cuffed brim of the hat.

12:08 PM  

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