Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Boucle Gather Problem

Any of you who have worked with the boucle yarns know how hard it is to do a gathered top for a hat or other things that might need that gather. Since I am working mostly with boucle and after completing a couple of hats in this material I was about ready to totally give up on doing a quick ending to a hat. I thought that this should not be so difficult, but it is. So why not make it less so, I am creative, or have been in the past, so create a different way to end.

At first the mind says, yea sure it is what it is. Then you say to yourself, it is knitting, I can do anything I want, there are no real rules. So you think about it.

It is really not that difficult to figure out if you think for a minute and stop letting those old brain cells take a vacation. If the stitches won't slide nicely on the yarn that you are using then don't use it. ROFLOL

So take the boucle and check the color, do you have a similar color somewhere just hanging around? Or something even slightly close will do, after all this yarn will mostly be hidden inside those stitches so will not be seen.

So take the slicker yarn and load a needle then pick up the stitches off your loom, be sure not to let them slide off the other end of the yarn. Hanging on to the beginning end of the yarn will keep those stitches in place. Now you have all the stitches on the slicker yarn, just grab the two ends and pull. Fast, easy, no fuss gather with this other yarn. No fighting each stitch to make it move. Oh joy, this is perfect, so why did it take me the hats before, a small baby ghan, and several of these hats to figure it out. Vacationing brain cells I tell you. Make them go back to work.


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