Monday, November 19, 2007

Innovations Knitting Machine from Crafts Etc.

I got my "new" innovations knitting machine from Crafts Etc today. It arrived just as I was leaving for work so I didn't have a chance to check it out till just minutes ago. Oh am I so angry. I am so angry that I saw stars when I realized just what I was seeing.

Let me tell you just what I got. Oh I got an innovations machine alright, but when I pulled the legs out to put them on the machine I realized they were all scratched up. Really badly scratched up.

Then I started looking the rest of the machine over. It has a piece of knitting on it, but I figured that could be a test piece. I now don't think so. The front of the machine where the words innovations should be part of the word is worn off. Yep, the nns are almost completely gone.

These *($%(#$& sent me a used machine. I paid their full price and they sent me a *#(*$&#($#)$&#)($&)(#$&)(# used machine. I am seeing red. I didn't pay for a used machine. I paid for a brand new machine.

I called right away but they are closed. Figures. I don't want a used machine when I paid for a brand new one. Since this company is associated with Hobby Lobby I figured that I would be getting good service. I have always heard good things about Hobby Lobby even though I have never even seen one, but if this is what I can expect and they don't take care of this, I will never shop there again.

Did I say I was angry? Well, I think that word is a little mild for the feelings that are flowing through me right now.

I am heading back to their website to email them also. I want a response ASAP.


Blogger sunshine said...

I bought one at hobby lobby to. For half price on sale over the summer. Mine was missing the needle and thread gauge I called the company and they sent me new parts I got them in about 4 days. Bummer to come home and not have all the parts to play with. Mine had a sample piece on it too. It is a nice machine once you get going sorry yours was damaged. If you figure out the flat panel thing let me know I am having issues with that feature

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we all would like to hear what happened....
What did they say? Did they fix it? Did they have a reason for having used merchandise?

7:09 AM  
Blogger Amoonsinger said...

The company replaced the machine and sent me a call tag to return the messed up machine. The one they sent works great.

It would be a bummer to get a new machine only to find that you didn't have all the parts needed. Glad to hear they shipped you the parts to play with.

I haven't done flat knitting on the machine other then to give it a couple of trys. I have my bigger knitting machines to do those flat panels on.

There is a group at yahoo called innovationsknitting. They are doing some wonderful things with these machines. You should check us out. That is if you haven't already found it. There are some wonderful members.

11:15 PM  
Blogger McAvoy said...

I just received my Innovations Knitting Machine in the mail. I was very excited to begin working with it... all was looking good until there seemed to be something
wrong with one of the needles. It continued to drop stitches regardless of the type of wool or the tension. When I inspected the machine further it became apparent that the one needle #22 hook shape is shorter than the rest! It needs about another 1/8th of an inch to look like the others. I have emailed the company with photos of my perfect knitting except for the one stitch and asked
for a new machine. I would be very happy just to be able to get hold of another needle if it is possible to replace... if anyone has more information that might help in my search I would appreciate it. I have yet to hear back from the company but it only has been a few day.

Marilyn McAvoy

4:53 PM  
Blogger Amoonsinger said...

Please get them to replace the machine. I took one simple machine a part and it is a nightmare to get it back together.

It sounds like one of the needles is not sitting right on the bottom shroud that guides them around the machine. It is almost impossible to get it back into place.

More then likely you would just wind up with a destroyed machine. The company should replace it.

Did you contact the place you bought it from or the people who make the machine? I would try the seller first (if possible), and then if not the company.

It is also a holiday weekend so give it till Monday or Tuesday for them to get back to you. If it is the company who makes these, there is also a phone number on their website.


7:21 PM  
Blogger McAvoy said...

I did hear back from the Company regarding my flawed needle and they
replaced the machine with no problems. The new one works fine.

Marilyn McAvoy

10:36 AM  

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