Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Provo Crafts Knifty Knitter Spool Knitter

I had forgotten to mention that I got one of these Spool Knitters from Provo Crafts about a week ago and then completely forgot about it.

Since I was not feeling much like doing any knitting I pulled it out yesterday and started to play with it. I had some little amount of green worsted weight red heart yarn left over from a hat I just did and decided to use it since it was handy.

I really didn't expect to get to far with this little amount of yarn so I used the smaller side of the spool. ROFLOL, I sat till I had used up the complete amount of that little bit of yarn and I now have a section of tubing that is just over a yard long.

I thought to myself, "Well now what am I going to do with this". I am not really sure. It is still on the spool knitter and I am going to keep adding yarn to it to make it grow. Maybe somewhere along the way I will decide just what I want to do with it.

I remember making long spool tubes as a child. I had one that got so long I could wrap it around our entire bedroom six times. That was no small bedroom both of my sisters and me slept in that same room complete with a large bunk bed, another bed, dressers for the three of us, and plenty of room left over for the three of us and friends to sit around on the floor playing doll games.

I wonder what ever happened to that very long piece of tubing. I went on to "boys" and the tubing disappeared to where ever old neglected tubing goes.

For those of you who have not used the knifty knitter spool knitter,.let me tell you a bit about it. As you might know from pictures or from seeing it, it is two sided with one side being smaller then the other. This smaller includes the size of the pegs as well as the opening for the tube to go through. The small size has the same type of pegs as the Oval Knifty Knitters, while the other larger side has pegs the size of the Round Knifty Knitters

So we have a little spool knitter that has pegs to make two different size of stitches due to the diameter of the pegs but also the tube size will different due to the amount of pegs on the larger (8) size as compared to the amount of pegs on the smaller side (5). I have yet to play with the larger size as only one size of tube can be made at a time. So maybe I need another spool knitter to test the size difference.

Anyway, back to the spool knitting. I have used little homemade, also a couple of small store bought spool knitters off and on for years. Most of them are difficult to use and hard on the hands from trying to hold those little spoolers. This one is quite easy to hold on to and to turn as you work it. I have to say that for a fairly mindless way to spend and evening and end up with something, this is a good thing to have. The pegs of the spool are grooved for ease of picking up the stitches but I found after a foot or so of knitting I was no longer using the grooves. I had totally reverted to picking up the stitch behind the peg and found this to be much faster and simpler then using the groove.

These little spool knitters would be perfect for the person who is not interested in spending a lot of money on spool knitters but would like something to do the little tubes easily.

Now if you want to go to something that you can get in various sizes and are a lot nicer there is always Noreen's Spool Knitters site. Oh she has some beautiful spool knitters.


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