Saturday, December 15, 2007

What I have been doing

It has been a while since I updated. There has been a lot going on. I have worked up a pile of hats that will go to a couple of different places here in my local area. Some of these were loom knitted, others have been done on the innovations machine.

I have been watching ebay and picking up a few more things for the knitting machines I have. I have now managed to purchase a brother knitting stand, some Mylar sheets (five of the Mylar and five paper sheets, it included an eraser and the special pencil), and the rings for holding those cards. I also bought three needle retainer bars. I have a couple of different machines the same retainer bar will fit.

I have been watching for a stand for quite a long time but they always get bid up higher then I am willing to pay for a used item. They all say they are in good working condition but I guess I am not very trusting. I do have access to someone who can weld parts if necessary (being metal stands this could be a solve for any problem one might have, and at no cost to me).

I am working on some Christmas items but they are not for me. A friend bought the yarn and is having me make a hat and scarf set for two granddaughters, and hats for four grandsons. For the most part these haven't taken long as she wanted hats on the innovations, but the scarves I am board knitting. I have one scarf completed, but the other I am going to frog today. It is just coming out too loose a weave for a child. Baya is not really little but she is not real grownup either.

Other then that it has been working and babysitting grands. Not a lot of the babysitting but it seems to happen just in time to put me back on something else that needs to get done.

Well, that is it for now. I have an ebay sell I am watching so I am headed back to the pages there.

A PS: I found a bunch of videos on youtube that are for knitting machines. I found a great interest in watching them and they have answered some of my questions about machines. Granted they are not for my machine but then I guess I cannot have everything.


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