Monday, December 03, 2007

Updating This Blog

Sorry I have been missing so long. Things have been bursting at the seams here and my time is very limited. I have barely managed to get into groups.

I wanted to let everyone know that I got another machine from Crafts Etc. I called and left a message, then I emailed and the very next morning got a reply. They were very sorry this happened and right away shipped me another machine. I have since checked it out and it works fine.

I have been deep into things for work, collections as I do statements and that is a very long process. So that is taking the majority of my time.

Then I have made many hats on the innovations machine that a group member sent me. She said she had three of them but uses another machine rather then the innovations. I was very hesitant on accepting the machine as that is a hard thing for me to do. I am very use to sending things to people but not having it done for me. Her theory is that I am using the machine to make charity hats and that is what she was donating to. It was really a shocker to find out that she was born right here in the town I have made my home for many years. This machine has been put to good use and I have made many hats on it and have learned a lot about using it.

My computer, this one I am on crashed. What I think happened but have no way to prove is that an update from microsoft was the problem. The computer was working fine, then I was notified of a security update. So I told it to download. I have my computer set to tell me the update is available but I decide what installs.

So it downloaded and when I was heading to be I shut down the computer with the install the update and then windows will shutdown for me. The next morning my computer went to the boot window, then to the windows is starting window, then back to the boot window. Oh no something glitched. So I let it continue to try to boot again, and again and again. I finally managed to find out that a file was either missing or corupt. A file called system.

Then it was on to my laptop to try to figure out how to fix the problem. I tried a restore, but that didn't work. I tried many different things and nothing worked. I looked at the folder that the file was missing from and sure enough the other files were there but not that one.

I then used several linux live cd's to check the status of my hd. Everything on the hd was working fine but it said my main partition for my windows was not right. Only a couple of the linux progams were even able to mount the hd c section and those were dirty mounts.

Through linux I was able to save my son and daughters stuff from their mydouments folders but I was never able to find my own. Even an exhaustive search of the hard drive with a floppy boot didn't find those files. At least I didn't loose much as some stuff was saved to my external hd and some to a DVD, but there were a few things that I did loose. Two files in particular I will not be able to recover. One I can rebuild, the other is just a loss. It's a shame I just got that file.

So I spent a lot of time trying to save what seems to not be there. I hate windows. I have yet to reinstall the windows program all over, but this time there will be a difference. I plan to set up two additional partitions and load two linux programs I have choosen. I will then experiment/play with them till I decide which I like the best and then that will become my os.

I know windows is needed for some things I do but there is another option to this. I have seen a couple of linux programs that are capable of allowing me to run some windows programs in linux. I will have to check them out a bit more, and trying them cannot hurt as everything is gone now. So this is a future idea. I will move from this virus program, a virus takes over your computer, does harmful things from time to time, doesn't let you do what you want when you want to, and causes crashes, so since the windows program does all these bad things from time to time, it stands to reason that it just could be a virus. Seems I always have to do more work to clean up a windows mess then I do any other virus I have gotten.

So while I have not had the time to start the massive work that goes with reinstalling windows, and all the programs I will need, I at least have spent a little off time viewing some videos at youtube. There are some really neat videos on machine knitting. I ran across them when looking for a couple that are for the innovations knitting machine. I have enjoyed watching them and have a desire to get out my machines and try again to use them. A couple of the machines have to have new retainer bars, but a couple are fine to use right now. I want to pull out the little folding machine and play on it.

So since I have several things coming up that will take my time, I will get those done then on to playing with the machines. I just need the freedom to not have other obligations first, then I can take the time to try to learn those machines.

So that has been my life lately. Just one little problem after another. Some times life throws you these little tests to see if you can still continue to function in a proper manner. I think I have done ok. At least the computer is still in one piece, and I haven't gone far off the deep end, at least I hope not.


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