Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bad moments

Going through one of those stubborn moments. Bogged down with an innovations scarf. Fighting it every night and it is driving me crazy. Well, not a long drive but I figured I would have a bit more time before I was completely there. This machine is getting me there faster. It drops a stitch, then I pick it up, and as I am doing so, it drops two or three or four more.

Every time I think I have the trick, something new happens. I am stubborn. I want my grand to have this scarf and he will. So will his little brother when the next one is being worked. Maybe the new kind of yarn I bought will work better.

Business under new ownership now. Oh boy what a lot of work in front of me to set up the new database, paper work to do, things to send out and get back. Oh I have a headache, the innovations might be being difficult but it is a piece of cake compared to what I am looking at.


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