Monday, August 27, 2007

Making Slippers Nonslipping

From time to time people ask the question, "What can I use to keep
my slippers from slipping on floors". Mostly people look for rug
backing and other products like that to paint on the bottoms of the

Others have mentioned paint for clothing. Just dab that on the
bottoms of the slippers to make grip points along the bottom.

Another method is to take flat rubber rings and sew them to the
bottom (you do want them to be flat so there are not bumps to impact
the feet, I have sensitive feet and that would hurt).

This morning I was outside looking at the fish and it is a bit
cooler then it has been in the morning. I looked at my feet and
thought I wonder if there is a way to knit or crochet something to
make these feet covers warmer. Then as I looked again a thought
occurred to me, why not get some of these to glue to the bottoms of
slippers and make my own bottom. I was wearing a simple inexpensive
pair of flip flops.

So what if I picked up some cheap ones. You know at the end of
summer everyone is getting rid of these little cheapish flip flops
at a very lost price. So at the end of summer is the perfect time
to pick them up to make winter slipper bottoms.

Take the flip flops and remove the top. You then have a flat rubber
to glue or sew or whatever you choose, to the bottom of the
slippers, thus making them have grip and also protecting the yarn at
the bottom of the slipper.

Well, I thought it was at least an idea I could pass along to the
group. Maybe someone besides myself will like this one. Some of
that rug backing is pretty expensive compared to buying a cheap pair
of flip flops.

So tell me what you think.