Friday, July 29, 2011



Honestly I have more stuff to post but I have been so busy and about to get busier. It is close to canning time. I have lots of tomatoes to can up as soon as they ripen. The weather just hasn't been cooperating very well in the heat department.

Regardless of what you hear on the news here, we have not been in the record breaking of anything on high temps. People do tend to allow the media to fool them. The human brain tends to take what is told them and "make it so" even when it is not so.

So with cooler weather the tomatoes have been slow to grow and slower to ripen. That's ok with a baby about to arrive, extra babysitting, and other stuff, just am not wanting those tomatoes to ripen really fast. It just means squeezing in some more work.

I have dried zucchini. The hubby will use it in dishes in the future. I don't much like zucchini myself but he does. I do like bread made from it, or raw with a dip, but not cooked but I am not doing it for me. Hubby likes it and that is good enough.

The broccoli is not growing as fast this year but that is ok. It has itself established now and come fall the heads should be bigger. Then I can freeze up some for the winter months. It is something again that the hubby likes, not me. Can't stand the stuff but the other family members love it. I know picky, picky, picky.

Our lettuce did really great this year. That surprised me. I need to get some more seeds for the fall for the cool weather crop on this. The heat was so low that the lettuce went crazy. We got much more then was expected so gave some away before it could go bad. We still have some growing that is doing ok but it is a kind that doesn't mind hotter weather. The others have died out.

Corn is about ready to be picked. We didn't plant much of that. Just enough for a little taste of fresh corn. Maybe next year we will do more, but then again that depends on how we feel.


I have had my standard knitting machine out, the electronic one, learning it better. All the experience I have gotten from the bulky one is now paying off with this smaller gauged machine. Right now I am playing with tuck stitch patterns, and loving what I am doing. Sure lots of mistakes but we do learn from those, or at least we should. Just don't fight what it is trying to tell you and move on to better days.

I also have been learning to Knook. That is interesting. A crochet hook to knit with. Neat idea, seen it before but it just didn't take hold till the last week. Now I have a nice set that I got at Walmart, and a home made large knook hook. Hubby drilled the hole for the cording and it works great. I also did some practice with a double ended hook and that works fine also. Gives me much more to look to for learning this craft.

I have done a few market bags in crochet lately. I have three done that I have to get pictures of. I have been using some peaches n cream yarns to do these. They turn out great. I have tried different ways to do the bottoms and am finding what I like best. I have a forth on the hook right now, but just started it last night. That one has a way to go.

I also have some hats to get done for some of the grands. Since it is summer these haven't been high on the list of things to get completed. I will get to them soon enough.

I am thinking of getting that tool for the 7mm machine, that magic selector one. I have one that does the bulky, shorter but still works, but it would be nice to have one for the 7mm machine. I do love that plastic bed machine. I must I have three of them.

Personal pissy time:

I have to work today. Don't want to. Am close to quitting. MAD as Heck. Favoritism doesn't work well in my book when it affects my personal life from the work time. My life has been effected and I am disgusted with it all. Throw your fits with threats of quitting to get your way every time and make more work for others, affect their personal lives and you can find yourself up that creek with out even a boat let alone that paddle. Some one is up that creek and the boat has now sunk.

Now I, who does the best she can at all times with the job, don't want to do it at all. I have to right now as it is still my job, but it could easily be a non thing. One wrong word could have me as one of the unemployed. Heck I could make more money from home then I do at my job and less stress to boot. Life can be tricky and the trick could be on someone else. They just don't know it yet, but they could very quickly.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A video about money and the rich

Oh my take all the money from the rich to save the country and what do you get?
Shocking but quite eye opening.