Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mason and Tanner in new hats

Here are those hats that I made for Mason and Tanner.  Tanner started to smile at grandma then I put that darn hat on him.  After that there was no getting another smile.  Darn that baby boy has the best smile, well so does Mason, and together they can light up the whole darn house.   (in this case the van, LOL)

Hats for Newly discovered grands

Well, the littlest one things he has discovered a grandma.  The instant he saw me it was grandma and up into my arms.  What a sweetie.  My girl, Heather is helping this family, mom and her two boys as she has been abandoned by many.  The boys are use to a much warmer weather and have no winter things, so I quickly made these for them.  The light blue one is the same yarn I just used to make hats for my grandsons, Tanner and Mason.

Keep the head warm and the body will do much better.  Oh when I gave the little one his hat and he put it on it was perfect.  I just knew he would look great in the color I choose, the green colored one.

It was sad though.  He has a grandma he is missing and my leaving him was heartbreaking.  Such a cry is enough to totally sadden the heart.  Poor baby.  At one and a half his life has been torn a part.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Want to see what my hats did? Plus a loomed scarf.

These are the hats I made for my daughter to use in her business of photo taking.  The last photo is a loom knitted scarf that I actually made for Athea  several years ago and she though it would make a great cocoon for pictures.  I think she is right.
Pictures taken by:
Mirror Image Digital Photograph
permission to post received from Athea copyright holder of these pictures 

Hat and scarf sets

All bulky machine scarves and hats.  The scarves have been seamed to be tubes and have been fringed.  The pompoms on the hats are not one single pompom but two pompoms added together to make a shorter wider look to them.  Instead of permanent attachment these have long ends pulled through to the inside and bow tied.  Thus they are removable.

Projects started with first scarf on Thursday night, and finished today, Sunday.  This was a marathon knitting session and I really hate doing that.  I am exhausted and my groups have not seen much of me in a couple of days because of it.  Sorry about that folks, but these are being picked up in just a scant hour from now and going straight to a picture setting.

This hat was the second of three I did in these colors.  The first two were testing and I still have one to complete. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Recent projects, machine knitted

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A little thought

If I do not have enough money to pay for things, then I cut back. I do not ask my neighbors to give me money to continue running my house. It is not their responsibility, it is mine and mine alone.

So why the heck do all those states, cities, businesses think that all their neighbors should bail them out. Cut back, and leave the rest of us alone.

Sorry, just heard about a bunch more companies wanting me and you to bail them out. Then there are more and more cities and states stepping up with hands held out saying me too, me too. Then there are those companies changing the way they do business just to jump on the "free money wagon".

How long till the bottom of the bag rips and everything spills out into one very nasty messy broken jumble.

Write Congress; tell them to tell all those asking for your money to cut back. You know there is a ton of waste out there and they can cut that and still run ok. Instead of putting in those "new" sidewalks, pay a police officer with that money, instead of planting a bunch of new trees, give the money to the fire department, instead of those raises they plan for the "vips", use that money to hire that clerk at the local courthouse.

Tell them to live within their means. We have to.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Loomed hats

Did these last night.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hats, for baby pictures

Loomed pink and yellow with pompoms for pictures only.  Going to a photographer.  Not for normal wear.

For those who might ask, no there is no written pattern anywhere for these.