Friday, February 29, 2008

For my Contacts

For those of you that I have contact with through email, I want to let you know that if you haven't received emails that you expect from me and you have a charter or comcast email address, those emails will not be coming through. Every one has been sent back to my yahoo account.

It seems that those two companies have listed my yahoo email address as being spam. I am trying to work it out with charter right now. This is a bummer, I am a charter customer and have let them know by giving them not only my yahoo account address, but also my charter one.

I do not use outlook and have had not wanted to use my charter account for anything but business. I do not use it for private emails or for groups. So this is very distressful at the moment. I have had my yahoo account (the same one) for many years and I do hope that I am not going to have to dump it and get another, but if I cannot get this fixed it is exactly what I might have to do. That would be tragic seeing all the saved messages I have in that account. I think it is time to set up my outlook for those things I want to save. What a bother.

Anyway, this is to let you know that I am not ignoring you. I have emailed several people (including myself from my yahoo to my charter accounts) and all have come back marked as spam. Sure I am spamming myself. Gee I hate spam and spammers. That is not nice, not nice at all. ROFLOL

This has been going on for a while but it wasn't till I tried to do an email last night, a very important to work email that I do once a month, that I finally called Charter to see what the heck was up and a nice lady there tried to tell me where to go to get it fixed (I say tried because her English was so broken I could barely understand every third or forth word she was saying, try to get an internet address out of that). So today I found what I needed myself.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cool or Warm, which is it and who can you believe?

Check it out

So do you believe the politicians or the science guys? Humm........ROFLOL

I think I made my pick. Believe the politicians? Oh yea, in everything they tell me. Am I joking or what? You decide, or not.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another update, knitting machines and looms

I have played on the 930 machine for a while and now have the 210 set up again to clean it. I find that the sinker plates do not allow for a cleaning brush to go through and it is very hard to clean with the rattail brush. I have yet to put it all back together as I have not been feeling well. The daughter brought something over or the sister passed on what she had to the son who passed it to the hubby. The other daughter, my SIL, and my grandson had it. The other son, my DIL, and my two grands had it. Then my other girl, grandson, and granddaughter had it. I was beginning to think it was going to miss me, but it hasn't. It slapped me hard suddenly today. So I have done little this evening, but try to rest a bit.

On to talking a little about crafting. I tried making this hat on the 930 brother machine. I just kept messing it up. Trial and error is what I was doing. That trial and error involved trying to figure out how to work off some stitches on either side so the center ones could be worked. I just wasn't getting it right, but I got some nice help from machine knitting groups. So I finished, sort of, one hat. It is a bonnet type of hat.

When I say sort of finished it simply means I made so many mistakes it looks terrible. Nope sorry I am beyond the point of wanting to display the bad along with the good. LOL So there will be no pictures of this one. It is just going to be my model that tells me what not to do.

During the time I was playing with making this hat on the knitting machine, I found that I just wasn't understanding what was suppose to be happening, but I did note that this would most likely work on a knitting loom. So I picked up a small loom, worked up a decrease in the amount of stitches to use (the knitting machine is a standard gauge and required 80 needles in work). Once I had made the hat on a loom I could better understand what was happening on the machine.

Now I am taking a break from the hat and I have a baby ghan on the machine. It is close to coming off the machine and being able to edge it. I didn't do anything fancy as you wouldn't be able to see much of it (stitch wise), as this is a boucle yarn that is not showing up the stitches at all, but it is very pretty. I had to wind another skein of the yarn last night as I ran short on the one pounder I was using. Maybe tomorrow I will feel like finishing it off.

I am still working on a baby ghan on a loom. That one I took a little break from, but plan to try to finish it off this weekend. If I don't get to feeling much better I will just sit and work on it.

I hate my keyboard. I replaced the keyboard I was using as some keys died on it. I had no functions for certain keys at all. Now this one is dying also. I have to push harder on the O key and the spacebar and then sometimes it just doesn't work so good. Boy am I getting hard on keyboards or what.

*this was written up last night but I couldn't get it posted. I keep getting a blogger wasn't found.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

What I have been up to

It has been quite a while since I posted to this blog or any of my other blogs. I have been so busy.

I got a new replacement innovations knitting machine and I have been learning tons of stuff about this machine. In fact I mostly took their directions for just doing a "hat" and dumped them. I am using some techniques that I have learned for other knitting machines and am adapting them to the innovations. Like using waste yarn to cast on and off, and to use for doing a cuffed brim on a hat. Yes you can do a cuffed brim. I explained it to Toni and she did a youtube video on it that you can check out. I am also playing with doing a backstitch cast off to finish the bottom edge so it has more stretch.

I have two knitting machines sort of running. The bulky one I keep having trouble with it dropping and doing weird things with stitches on the ends.
It does not want to knit off the stitches for several rows and that is a real pain as I cannot see it till it has done this.  I have cleaned checked the machine for broken needles, needles not working
right but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong there. I have asked on groups and keep getting told to check the sponge bar. LOL This machine is a Brother KH210 and it has a permanent metal bar, no sponge. So that does not help me at all. It also doesn't have a cast on comb. It has no gate pegs but instead has something called sinker hooks and needles. A pretty weird machine but I do like it. I'd like it more if I could over come the problems I am having with it. I will don't doubt that.

I had to take down the 210 to set up the 930, that's a brother Kh930 standard machine. This is a machine a friend was given then she gave it to me. I like this machine but right now it too is giving me problems but I think that might be beause it does need a new sponge bar. At first I thought that maybe it was just gathering lint from the knititng I have done on it so I cleaned and oiled but the problem is still happening. No sorry no picture of the problem. It is simple though the yarn is not knitting on the needles. It is leaving very long strands across some, knitting others and leaving long strands again. Tomorrow I will take out the sponge bar and check it over and then take out the needles for a good overnight cleaning.