Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crocodile Stitch

Crochet Market Bags

Thursday, September 08, 2011


The paper is just to show how little this is. It is a carseat baby ghan. Love this. You could actually turn it into what ever you wanted to, for instance, a cat, dog, pig, bird, rabbit, or, well you get the idea.

The teddighan is available as a free pattern. Just do a simple search for it.


Isn't he just too cute. This is the newest member of the family. These were taken the day he was born. He is now just a week old.


I did a mystery crochet along and just finished it. Not that I was altogether happy with the end results but I will still post a picture. Turned out to be a checker board. Funny my grandsons saw it and asked me why I didn't just buy one like their mom did. ROFLOL, out of the mouths of babes. They are 6 and 3.

These are not the best pictures. I just finished a short time ago and was in quite the hurry to be done with this. I have to say one of the most boring times of crochet I have done in ages.

Oh and the little bag to hold the checkers was an addition on my part. There is a backing to this and an opening in the back to place the checkers. I am thinking PJ bag.

Now on to complete some other projects and/or get pictures of ones completed. I have bags to take pictures of, a crocodile stitch hat for a baby completed, two dino hats to sew the spines on, and a couple of bags to finish, well one only needs the strap.