Monday, January 12, 2009


Mesh cocoon

Thursday, January 08, 2009

CPSIA Law Will this be the Bankruptcy day for the American small business?

Anyone heard of this new law about to take effect? It is going to
destroy most small business across the US, especially those like us
who hand-make items for children and babies This one is just a simple video of a woman who makes items for sale:

This one:
Video Is a news lady talking
about the law

This one is also a news one:

Here is another:

This could be the end of our hand crafting industry as we know it.

I called my rep and senator to protest this. Might not do much good but the more people who protest the better the chance that something might change. You know the people have the power.

Ok my concern is that here I am buying yarns to make things for baby's on my machines, but now I am getting told that I will have to test each and every one of those yarns for harmful content. Is this going to effect the fact that I do these for charity? Now what do I do? I
cannot use them for baby stuff if they cannot be accepted by those I would give them to, and that is such a shame.

Where did this come from, well watch the videos and they will tell you. Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water. If this works as everyone says then the bank industry failure will look like the kids were just playing around compared to the failure of the American way of life, that down home do it yourself will become a thing of the past and Walmart and others like them will be about the only places you can buy stuff and they will be able to charge as they like.

So what about you? What do you do with your hand made items and how will this new law affect you?

Oh and also think about the people who can only afford to buy baby things from second hand stores.    Those items will no longer be available.  

What about the homeless families that require donated items to clothe their children?  Guess the kids get to go around in adult clothing.  Oh wait if that happens then they will have to test the adult stuff also.  Wouldn't want some thing getting past them.

Gee give me a break.  I have thought in the past that we have some idiots running this country.  If I wasn't right then, I think I have a chance of being right now.