Monday, March 24, 2008

Tanner Travis, and Mason Patrick

Can you tell that Mason likes his new baby brother. He was constantly keeping an eye on anyone getting close to his brother.

Look at those cheeks.  They have gone down some now but he still has huge cheeks.

Not the best picture but the only one I have to upload so far. This is Baby Andrew Lewis.  
The first of my two grandsons to be born this month.  This photo was sent to me from my daughters cell camera. 

As you can see Baby Andrew is kind of bored with the world and look, he has hair.  ROFLOL 

Take a look at those fingers.  He has such long thin fingers.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Needles found and received

Someone send an email saying to contact Needle Tek about getting needles for the 341 brother machine.  So I emailed them on the 1, and later the next day got an answer that they did have some.

So the next morning, the 19th, I called and ordered 25.  Amazing I got home from work yesterday, the 20th, and those needles were here.  I know they are only a state away from me but this is the fastest service ever.

So now I have a back up of 27 needles for this machine and I feel more comfortable about using it.

I am still waiting for my ribber bed needles to get here and as soon as they do I will set up the ribber.  Not that I plan to really use it yet but I do want to know the proper way to set it up.  I figure there is going to be a learning curve on this one, at least for me.  

I have finished a few loomed hats for the newest grands, but am still working on finishing afghans.  Wow, at this rate they will be grown before I am done.  I have had so many other things get in the way.  Now I seem to be getting more time to work on things.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Brother KH341 needle

I have been searching for needles for one of my knitting machines, but so far have not been able to locate any that will fit.  At the back of the needle there is a bend.  I have seen other needles with the short butt but they have a bend on the opposite side of the needle.

Sorry the pictures are not very good, but I only used the flat bed scanner and that is not a good one.

So if anyone knows a needle from another machine that might be the same type as this one please let me know.  I will keep up the hunt for them.  I have purchased enough needles to last a while for the Brother KH930 and KH910, and also for the 850 ribber I have.  I also managed to get a few needles for the KH210.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Knitting pal help for stitches

I have the worst trouble knitting on the pal. The stitches constantly want to come off the pegs. I did it again at the end of a row where where I started the new row. It is really hard to keep the stitches on those pegs and I get so frustrated with loosing them.

Then this morning it dawned on me. Weights. I use weights for the brother knitting machine and for innovations machine, so why not for the knitting pal. I am going to try that later, well as soon as I am feeling better. I figure I will use my forks as they might fit better then the claw weights. I have about eight or nine forks bent for using as weights. It wouldn't take much just mostly on the ends where I have the most trouble.

At least I caught it fast and didn't loose the whole piece. I slap myself for not quiting a bit sooner when I realized I was getting tired.

The other new one

The second grand baby is finally here. Tanner Travis came at 8:45am yesterday, March 14. Now I have two grands born on this day, my oldest grand, Trenton is also a March 14 baby, but yesterday he turned 13.

Tanner joined us weighting in at 10lbs 7ozs, and is 22 inches long. Wow, and we thought his brother Mason was big a 10lbs 4oz, 22". Tanner just had to go and beat his brother out by a little bit at least. ROFLOL

We walked into the room, papa and I, and daddy instantly handed me Tanner. Guess what, a second grand baby that I have held before tons of other family. I must be on a good run.

I moved the blanket and what do I see but a miniature little Mason. Yep he looks just like his brother, but with cheeks a little fatter. Papa says those cheeks must be where the extra ounces are. I think he might be right.

So we visited a bit then when other family started to show, grandma arrived, we took off to go see the other grand baby, Andrew. Papa hadn't been able to get over to see baby Andrew and we took advantage of papa being off yesterday. He got to see the real difference in a baby and a half grown baby all in the same day and Baby Andrew has already grown some.

Now for the bad news. After seeing both of the boys yesterday I headed to work to send off a couple of checks that were signed by my signer and on the way there I started to not feel so good. I got pains started in my tummy that got really bad. After arriving at work I spent the next hour in real pain in the "ladies room". I then decided just to head home. I was doing a little better but the drive home saw me having the same thing build up again.

After getting home I was in as much pain as I had gotten to before arriving at work. I laid down for a bit thinking that something I ate must not have agreed with me. Then I called another family member to tell her that Tanner had arrived and then told her that I wasn't going to talk long because I had eaten something that didn't agree with me. Well, I guess I didn't. She told me she had the same thing a few days before, the evening after she had been here. Then her hubby had it and now me.

Great. Now I cannot go back to the hospital to see Tanner again. It is bad enough that I was already there, but I had no clue. I had been feeling just fine till this suddenly hit. I called both parents to tell them the bad news and my daughter says well this will not be the first time he is exposed. That doesn't get it for me though. He is so brand new he has no time to build up any type of resistance to this kind of thing. I also don't get to see him for a while now. Bummer.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


What a novel idea, talk about knitting on a knitting blog. Wow, some would think lately that this was not to happen. Well, it is right now.

So what am I doing. Well, I just had a piece come off a bulky knitting machine. It is a plain stockinette piece that I wanted to do the pie crust edging on. The bulky machine is that machine that has the sinker hooks and every time I try to do this edging it is so messy that I frog it.

Since I cannot get this edging to go right on the bulky machine I am going to take it to the standard and do it on that machine. At least it has gate pegs and not those sinker plates to deal with. There is also that doing the edging on the standard machine will make the edging a bit finer. The yarn I used is a thin yarn so it will work ok on the standard machine.

Then I have a couple other pieces, again just plain stockinette stitch, that I might just edge with some crochet. I haven't made up my mind about that yet.

So the hubby walks in the room last night and says, now what are you doing. I have one of my knitting pals set up on a machine knitting stand (by the way this is perfect for setting up the pal). I have determined that I need one more stand just for this, but that is for another day.

Like I just said, the knitting pal is set up and I am working a really neat piece on it. Don't know what a knitting pal is? Well, in a set there are five interlocking plastic pieces with something like pegs at the top. There are clamps to clamp it to a flat surface. Along with the five sections there comes four needles. You can use one needle or four or more at once to knit with. You can make some very interesting pieces with this tool.

So back to what I am doing. I started with one needle and made a base of two rows of the stitch number 3 from the main booklet. This booklet comes with a pal (or should come with a pal). I am using red heart baby soft yarn and started with green. I put together six sections. I know I said it comes with five, but I have three knitting pal sets. After the first two passes (you actually start with an e-wrap, yep just like you can use on knitting machines and knitting looms).

Ok back to the working. I started with one needle worked the cast on then two rows of pattern number 3. What is pattern number 3? You start from left to right working your first stitch on the first peg from left to right on the peg. Here you have to understand that the stitches on the pal are worked on both sides of the pegs, so you have a left to right on the peg and a right to left on the peg.

Now back to the first row and how it works. You work that first peg left to right, work the second peg left to right. That is the first pass of these two pegs. The next pass is work peg 2 right to left and peg 1 right to left, work peg 1 left to right and peg 2 left to right. This is done several times and when you are done you have a count of 10.

pegs 1 and 2 knit left to right (this is a recommended stockinette beginning)
Stitch 1 peg 3 →
Stitch 2 peg 4 →
Stitch 3 peg 3 ←
Stitch 4 peg 4 ←
Stitch 5 peg 3 →
Stitch 6 peg 4 →
Stitch 7 peg 3 ←
Stitch 8 peg 4 ←
Stitch 9 peg 3 →
Stitch 10 peg 4 →

So your first two pegs are done.

Now repeat that same thing over pegs 5 and 6, then 7 and 8 etc, across to the last two pegs and knit the last two pegs left to right.

For your row coming back you reverse the stitch pattern and start from right to left.

After two pattern rows you should be back to the left side of the pal. I then added a needle with red heart baby soft in a light blue color. Did I say the first color was a light green color, yep I did.

Now I have a second needle started. How does this work? Well, you follow the count with the first needle and the second kind of follows behind. It is interesting in how it works.

I am working slow as I tend to pull stitches off the pegs, this is really easy to do when you start to use multiple needles. So hopefully tonight I will have one more skein of yarn, one more blue is all I need, so that I can add an additional two needles to the process.

I am going to have to work slower then I did last night as I do not want to mess up on this piece. I have messed up so many times with multiple needles that it becomes down to displaying total disgust with myself.

I am almost ready to take a baby ghan off a panel knitting loom. Every time I think it is ready to take off I decide that I want it a bit longer. I hate making baby afghans that are too small too quickly. So I tend to make them larger. Besides mom and baby can cuddle better under a larger afghan.

Well, that is is for now. I still have some booties to finish up, just sewing of bottoms, and a couple of hats to do in a terri cloth yarn. I need more time.

ISP blocks

I am really sick to death of being blocked by isp's just because I have a yahoo address.

Yep, it is happening again. Just because I use yahoo doesn't make me a spammer and when they lump all yahoo addresses as one bad thing they really insult those of us who are decent people.

Oh I know they are trying to protect their clients but darn, it's like saying just because someone has had a bad experience with a doctor therefore all doctors are bad, or just because you are a certain color then you must be a gang member, or just because you are old you must be a grandparent, or just because you have long hair you must be a hippie, or you are blond so you must be an idiot, oh come on right, like I believe all that. Sure.

So I opened up my hotmail account, my one that gets most of the junk I receive, just to test something.

Here is some of the stuff I find in my junk box (those that made it there and I didn't open everything):

Then I opened my yahoo account:

Well, look at that, there is one yahoo in the bunch. So I guess that makes all yahoo address as bad as all those others posted here. Come on give me a break. I think there is a problem with how they determine a spammer.

So bellsouth, comcast, charter (I am a charter customer, pay them an arm and leg every month for cable and highspeed internet), and all you others find a decent way to tell the difference between someone spamming and someone trying to answer one of "your" customers who has emailed me.

Humm maybe yahoo should be listing your customers as spammers. Wouldn't that just be perfect. No one could ever contact anyone else ever again.

No, I refuse to give up my yahoo address and start over at another place. I have been told use your isp address. I don't think so. Besides, like I said, I am a charter customer and I get spam from charter customers. Isn't that just the icing on the cake. ROFLOL

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Signal Cell Phone Insurance Company

This blog post has nothing to do with crafting at all, but instead is a warning to some about this insurance companies practices. This is a second hand story lived first hand (in other words I listened to this as it went on).

It started last month when my daughter washed her cell phone. Yep, she left it in her jean pocket and threw it in the washer. It was late at night when she rushed in here and told what she had done.

From there she jumped on the computer and phone calling about getting a replacement. She has insurance on the phone. So a report was done, a claim number received and then a call to the cell phone company to see how to go about getting a loaner phone for the time period where she would not have a phone.

Upon talking to the cell phone company they remind her that she is at the end of her service contract and therefore eligible for getting another phone instead of doing the insurance thing. So as there is a fairly large deductible she calls the insurance company back to cancel the claim.

Here is where the problem starts. Between the first and second contacts a few minutes had gone by. The insurance company says it is to late to cancel the claim as the phone has already shipped. Say what? That would be the fastest any insurance company on record has responded.

Ok so now what? They tell her to refuse the package when it gets to her house. Only it isn't coming to her house, she is never home and it has to be signed for. It was coming to my house. So she tells everyone here to refuse the package. When the package arrived a few days later my sister said send it back. The delivery man takes it back to the truck.

My daughter goes down and upgrades from a razor to a blackberry phone. Ok for now. Good to go.

Now this past weekend my daughter, yep, did it again. A damaged phone from not removing it from her pocket. (note: she now is refusing to put the phone in her pocket and has a sign on her washer to check for her phone before washing clothes).

So she rushes over here and contacts the insurance company. Oh the next three and a half hours I get the full range of conversation, daughters side only but that was enough.

Seems since she had a claim from the month before, that they refused to cancel, and "they" replaced her phone (you know the one that was refused here by my sister), they were not going to replace the phone again. So she finally gets it across to them that she didn't have a claim, the phone was returned, she upgraded through her cell phone company to a better phone with internet service, then they tell her they can redo the claim from last month and send her a new razor phone.

Oh sure, send me the lesser phone when the better phone cost much more. This fight went on till my daughter was on two phones, the house and my cell, talking with two parts of the company, claims and complaints. Claims didn't want to give her a claim number to even get a loaner, they said a review process had to be done since she had two claims within a month of each other, but there was no first claim and they didn't pay out a phone for that claim, and they refused to end that first report of claim. So the customer shouldn't be punished for the companies mistake, or should they.

Finally the complaint department gets her a claim number so she can at least get a cheesy loaner phone (same cheap cheesy phone I use but replacement is also cheap, LOL) She gets the phone the same day, later that afternoon but the problem is not solved.

Come Monday morning I get a phone call from this company. The signal lady asks to speak to my daughter. I tell her she, the daughter is at work, she says can she leave a message. I take a phone number and a claim number, they say they need more information (yep said this to me), before they can finish processing the claim. When the lady says they need more info I said after three and a half hours of listening to her on the phone with you people on Saturday, the lady gets upset with me and hangs up on me. My exact words, "I don't see why you would need more information. After listening to her talk to your company for three hours on Saturday I would say that you have all the information you need". Rely from the lady on the phone, "Right (said gruffly and with a definite sarcasm)", click phone went dead.

So this call came in at 9:07am. At 9:09 I am relaying the claim number and phone number plus message to my daughter. We were on the phone less then a minute. She says she called them right back and what was their reaction, she had called a half hour too late to have her phone shipped that day. Yea right and I am a total idiot to believe that. They said that at our time of just after 9am, that their last shipment time for UPS was done for the day. Sure, even at a complete 3 hour difference I do not believe that they shipped last before noon.

Ok Tuesday comes and the daughter calls to see if the phone has shipped. No such luck. The insurance company is now telling her that they just got their shipment of blackberry's in and they all have to be cataloged and entered into the computer before they can ship her one. Yea, right, sure. Can you say scam.

Sure my daughter flubbed up by washing her phone twice, but mistakes happen, and that is why she pays a monthly fee with a large deductible, so those mistakes can be taken care of. Not so she has to deal with this kind of bad business practices from the insurance company.

So lets put this another way. Say you have a car, and you have insurance. You have an accident one month and they have to fix your car, that insurance company has to pay out some money to fix it. Then a month or two later you have another accident. Should the insurance company then have the right to say, well we fixed your car last month so we won't fix it for this new accident. I don't think so.

I have a cell phone. I didn't get insurance. Why? The phone I have is a cheapy. I didn't need anything more. So why pay for insurance that is going to add up to more then the replacement cost of the phone with their high deductible. I can just buy a new phone. Heck I can probably find one on line cheaper then the cost of buying through the company anyway. At a total cost for the insurance of about $72 for a year, a deductible of $50 (they do not offer less), and a total cost of the phone I got new with no specials of $70, who would they be fooling. (my actual cost of the phone with the deal was $30 and I got two phones of the same type free with the deal).

So why am I posting this? Well, I just want to pass on to some who may think they are protected with their more expensive phones by having that "insurance". Be sure to cross all your "t's" and dot all the ".'s" or there could be major problems. That is terrible in these days of many only having cell phones as their way of communication.

What you pay for is not always what you get. There is always someone out to make a buck off of you but in the long run will do their best to keep that buck and give nothing in return for it. Sure insurance is nice, but there is still the buyer beware even with some of these scammers.

Can you also say "the company keeps getting caught in lies". Oh yes one more thing. Remember that phone that came and was refused. A letter came in the mail yesterday stating that my daughter is in violation of not returning the old phone to them after she received her replacement from last month. So do you think this company has a record keeping problem or are they just stupid? They said they are going to bill her for the non-return of the broken razor phone. I think our cell phone company should contract with a different insurance company before they have many more very unhappy customers.

Humm, I wonder how many other customers this company has treated this way. It's too bad that there wasn't a way for them to all get together. There is always strength in numbers.

Well, in the end maybe, just maybe my posting about the things I have heard and experienced during the past few days will help someone to avoid the same trouble. Oh and the people my daughter dealt with must be some what lacking in hearing. When she, the daughter, would ask for someone higher up the chain, they couldn't seem to understand what she was saying. It must be so, otherwise why would she have to repeat the request over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over,........... Boy that was a listening experience. ROFLO

Monday, March 10, 2008

Knitting Loom Projects

I have been so lazy when it comes to getting my knitting loom projects completed. I have so much to do and the time just never seems to be there. So I have several afghans to finish, and some hats and some baby booties.

I took pictures of the baby ghan on one panel loom from CindWood Crafts but when I went to load them from off the camera they were not there.

I had also taken pictures of the round bench the hubby had fixed up for my innovations machine and they also were not on the card. I think I know what happened. The camera was being a pain as the battery was low and I don't think I actually got the pictures taken. I should have stopped and put in fresh batteries but you know that "I am in a rush mode". Sometimes rush mode just doesn't work too well.

So now I have to do it all over again. Maybe later today. I have my grandson Carter right now and he is the one who demands more attention from grandma when he is here. I am shocked that I am actually being allowed this time at the computer. LOL

Knitting Machines and the trouble with them, Plus Pocket knitter

So I have two brother knitting machines set up and have been playing with them. That brother 210 sure gives me a pain in using it. The stitches on one side or the other tend to not want to knit properly.

What happens is this. The first couple of rows knit fine, then there will be a row where the end stitch (usually on the left side of the bed), won't knit off the existing stitch. It holds that stitch for several rows before I discover it. You can see this in an earlier blog posting I did.

So I took out all the needles and the retainer bar and cleaned them and the machine. It was really hard to clean this one with the brush because it has these weird sinker hooks and needles.

Machine was put back together and it still does the same thing. All the needles are find, the sinker hooks move easily, the carriage parts move just great, and the retainer bar is straight and cleaned. No I do not need to replace a "sponge bar" as this machine doesn't have a sponge bar. It has a permanent metal retainer bar and as I said it is cleaned, straight, no nicks or any type of damage to it.

My only other guess is there is not enough weights at the beginning to hold the work right. Not enough weight, how can I get more weights on there. I had six claw weights to begin with. I now have four more that I did a buy it now on from ebay. I put two on one end, two on the other end, and spread the rest across the center area.

So the right side is now knitting perfectly, but the left side, yep you guessed it, NOT knitting off the end stitch. This is so frustrating. I worked for hours last night on it. This time change gave me more energy when I finally got time to go to those machines.

So the other machine. The 930. I was playing with it, the electronics patterning part, doing some swatching of skip stitch patterns that are built in. I did several and see a couple that I really like. Then I got to one to try and the stitches all knit off perfectly except for one needle on the right. That one I didn't notice was developing a problem and suddenly the carriage wouldn't move. I had actually damaged the latch on the needle.

I have had problems with that side before so I figured that there was a needle latch that I didn't catch when I checked that had a starting problem. So I switched out the needle and tried the pattern again. Same needle now with a bent needle.

I went to groups to discuss my problem and some say check my tension on the dial. Maybe the tension is not right for this yarn, but I have knitted from this same cone at a few different tensions and the higher where I have been told to try will make a very stiff fabric, but I will still give it a try.

Oh for those of you just getting into machine knitting be sure to check out the youtube videos on knitting machines. There are some really good ones. I have watched most of the ones for the bond machines and then I watch the ones from Susy Ranner. I like those last the best as she also shows where there is problems and how she deals with them. (Susy's vidoes actually got me going on setting up my machines to work with instead of storing them).

The last time we went shopping I didn't get much for knitting purposes. The only thing I actually bought was a couple of Pocket Knitters. I have looked at them before but the price for one was higher then I wanted to pay for a cheap little comb like tool. They had a lower price at JoAnn's so I got a couple.

Ok why did I buy two of them? Well, the tool that comes with these is not one that I would really like to use with these hand knitting tools. I will actually use a knifty knitter tool as it will work better, but the tool that comes with these is perfect for putting with my knitting machines. It is a transfer tool. Yep a single transfer tool for much cheaper then I can get a transfer tool anywhere else. Oh I have several transfer tools but most of those have the 1/2, 2/3, or 1/3 (for those who do not machine knit but have seen a transfer tool from the pocket knitters, that little bar with the center opening is different/same for the machine transfer tools. The difference being that these tools can have multiples of one bar with hole on one side and two or three of those bars, shafts, on the other side).

So there was a dual purpose in purchasing two of the pocket knitters. The tools with go to the machines, and the knitters themselves will get a different tool used on them.

So that is it for now on the knitting machines.

A new one

Well, it has happened. We have a brand new baby in the family. Born March 9, 2008 at 12:04am, 6lbs 11oz, 19 inches long, I got to welcome Andrew Lewis into the family at 2am. Mommy had a C-section (stupid hospital won't allow a woman who has had one C-section to have another child normally even if she has already done so, they say not safe even if the doc says it is and some do, they tell the doc they will take away their privilages if they do deliver normal birth, hows that for getting the extra money from insurance, can you say scam).

Anyway that was my gripe for now.

The baby was really grumpy. He kept trying to open his eyes but the light was too strong for him (and it was muted, that light I mean). So he growled and grumbled and outright yelled a few times. It was so funny. He finally managed to get his eyes opened but not for long.

I haven't been back to see him again. I plan to do that later today. Mommy works at Walmart and there are lots of people from there that were to visit. No sense in over doing it for mom or baby.

Mom and dad really lucked out. They have the two older boys and they went to spend the night at aunties house. They were here at my house for play and dinner then off to aunties for movie time. So mom and dad didn't have to worry about doing something with the boys when Crystals water broke. The daughter and the boys had barely left here when I got the call about baby on the way.

Neat this is the first of all my grands that I have gotten to see and hold before tons of other people. I got to see Trenton, but not hold him till days later, Payton was born far away, for Carter I was babysitting Payton, for Noah I was babysitting Payton and Carter, Jerry and Austin were born several states away from here, Elisabeth was seen by many others before me, and Mason was a week old before I got to hold him for a few seconds on his way home from the NeoNatal care unit.

I didn't even realize how exciting this was going to be. After all I have bunches of grands now. ROFLOL, this one was just so "new".

Now for Friday, that same hospital is making my daughter have a C-section again. Then I will get to go welcome Tanner Travis into the world. Wow, two new babies at once in the family. That's a new one for us.